Redefining the rooflight industry

Stella is the vision of a dedicated team with decades of experience in working with metal & glass. From design and production through to customer service, we have a single vision of doing things better than the industry standard, while providing the very best to our clients.

We provide exceptional rooflights that combine a flush fitting profile while utilising the very best of materials.

Originally the idea of two brothers, Stella has since developed a close knit team to execute their vision of creating quality, highly functional rooflights. Today Stella has become the first choice for discerning clients looking to bring natural daylight into their living spaces through premium quality rooflights.

Our rooflights are designed to perform and built to last with our frames being manufactured from Marine Grade 316 stainless steel. If you are looking for the cheapest price or cost engineering to save money then we’re probably not the right rooflight company for you. If you are looking for the slimmest, longest lasting rooflight, which offers industry leading thermal performance and real wood interior linings, then a Stella rooflight could just be the perfect choice for your project.

Rooflights in barn


"We have just installed Stella rooflights in our barn renovation.


Our roofer has told us he has never seen such exceptional quality!"


Caroline Miros, Homeowner


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