Stella rooflights are ideal for installation in any project but especially period properties, Listed buildings, barn conversions or areas where flush fitting, low profile design, glazing is required. What differentiates a Stella Conservation Rooflight from the others and makes it the most authentic is our attention to detail and the use of natural materials.

All Stella rooflights are bespoke made to suit your conservation property. 


For period properties, Listed buildings or those situated in a conservation area, sympathetic detailing is also likely to be a condition of consent. New openings should generally be kept to a minimum and should be of a simple form that respects the building's character. 

Dormer windows are not usually appropriate, so any new window openings in the roof will be rooflights, and in most instances metal conservation-style rooflights which sit flush with the line of the roof. Modern bulky framed rooflights usually look wrong and it is therefore best to install genuine conservation rooflights.

Conservation rooflight
Conservation skylight


Stella rooflights are ideal for barn conversions, period properties and the heritage property market. Our conservation rooflights are easily recognised by their low profile design, which means they sit flush and remain unobtrusive to the building's original architecture.


Another characteristic is their slender appearance and thin profile, as conservation requirements stipulate that a minimal amount of framework should be visible, particularly if rooflights are placed next to each other.


Another feature of a genuine conservation rooflight is the glazing mullion (glazing bar) which separates the glazing into sections. A Stella rooflight follows the traditional conservation rooflight design and offers genuine glazing bars. This particular design feature is integral to the rooflight and not only provides a more authentic look but offers increased strength for the opening section. 

There are a number of manufacturers who claim to offer conservation roof windows but have opted to remove the traditional bar in favour of sticking something to the double glazed unit. Not only does this risk damaging self-clean glazing or worse, having it fall off after a few years, it also significantly detracts from the original conservation rooflight appearance.

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Barn conversion rooflight


Stella is the only company who manufacture rooflights using Marine Grade Stainless Steel as standard. This makes a Stella rooflight the best performing conservation rooflight you can buy as a standard product. 

Using steel allows manufacturers to best replicate the original conservation rooflight, However, all other genuine metal conservation rooflight manufacturers will use mild steel, which pose a significantly higher risk of rusting.

Stella's Marine Grade 316 stainless steel construction offers significantly more protection and longevity than a mild steel alternative. 

If your property is located in near the sea, or a salt water estuary or even near a road which is heavily salted in the winter, then you should consider a Marine Grade 316 stainless frame. The Stella rooflight is the perfect coastal rooflight solution.  

By using a better quality steel you can be sure that a Stella conservation skylight will offer unbeatable performance and longevity.


All Stella rooflights are designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK. This enables us to maintain exceptional standards throughout the design and build process. 

We will not compromise on the performance of our highest quality rooflights. Stella conservation rooflights are supplied triple glazed with self-clean glass and beautiful real wood linings. 


While the UK manufacturing process has the benefits of enabling greater control over our quality and development, it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the product compared to other suppliers who source and import often inferior quality components from overseas.

Heritage rooflight

All Stella Conservation rooflights are bespoke made, however this is how one of our typical rooflights might look.

Of course, you can choose the exact size, colour, glazing type, internal liner material and whether you would like an opening or fixed shut rooflight. If opening, you can also decide whether you would like a mechanical winding or electronically actuated opening mechanism.


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Conservation roof window

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