The glass makes the difference

When it comes to rooflights, the glass you choose can make a huge difference to the performance of your product. 

Glass will typically make up 70% of your rooflight, and it's at the heart of controlling the flow of natural light, the level of safety and security, and of heat retention. It can even help protect furniture against fading.

Stella and Planitherm glass

Stella rooflights use the highest performance Comfort Plus glazing units from Planitherm. These modern high tech glazing units maximise comfort, for a difference you may not 'see' but will certainly feel.

Whether you’re looking for warmth, a peaceful night’s sleep or to enjoy a sun-filled room without overheating, Planitherm units offer the ultimate high-performance glass for every application.

It's the UK's leading energy-efficient glass and can be incorporated into any style of rooflight. 

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