Below is a selection of thought provoking articles, written by the team at Stella, published in a variety of trade press.
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The Elephant in the Roof

In this article, Stella discusses the growing trend for large rooflights and offers some advice to specifiers, architects and homeowners about some of the things they need to consider at the planning stage.

This article was featured in Professional Builder, i-Build, Clearview, Roofing Today, Daylighting, Glass & Glazing Products, Professional Housebuilder & Property Developer, Refurb & Developer Update and Specifier Review

i-build Jan 2021 Elephant
RoofingTodayJan21 Elephant
PHPDMarch21 large rooflights
i-build Jan 2021
Glass & Glazing Products Dec 2020
The Architectural Technologist November 2020
Daylighting magazine December 2020
Clearview Magazine December 2020
Refurb & Developer Update Magazine December 2020
Professional Builder January 2021

Case Study Features

Read a selection of Stella Rooflight projects in the trade press.. 

Our case studies have featured in Daylighting, Specifier Review, Clearview, Pro Installer, The Architectural Technologist, Refurb Projects, Construction Update, Futire Constructor & Architect, Public Sector Build Journal, Architecture Magazine and RIBA Journal to name a few!.

Daylight JanFeb21 ShoreRd
Clearview April21 Kember
Daylight MayJune21 Kember
Archetech Kember
ProInstaller June21 Kember
CU Aug21 Kember
CU Sept21 HE
RDU Aug21 Kember
RDU Sept21 HE
Construction Update Oct21 Poldhurst
RDU Oct21 Shore Rd
Daylight SeptOct21 Poldhurst
RIBA Journal Stella Rooflight
Refurb Projects December 2020
Clearview January 2021
Pro Installer December 2020

U What?!

U-values can be quite confusing when it comes to rooflights, with many rooflight companies making all sorts of claims about their products. In this article, Stella director, Paul Trace, offers some advice and guidance on the thermal performance of rooflights and helps readers understand what the important considerations are in the specification process.


This article was featured in Architect Projects, Design Buy Build, Refurb Projects, Selfbuilder & Homemaker, e-Architect, i-Build, Roofing Cladding & Insulation, Glass & Glazing Products, Pro Installer, Daylighting, Building Construction Design, Professional Housebuilder & Property Developer, Clearview, Refurbishment & Restore, Home Designer & Architect, Building Engineer, Design Buildings and Architects Datafile.    

Refurb Projects Jan 2020
Refurb & Restore Jan 2020
Roofing CIadding & Insulation Jan 2020
Professional Builder March 2020
Architect Projects Jan 2020
Clearview Jan 2020
Daylight Dec 2019
GGP Jan 2020
iBuild Jan 2020
Pro Installer Dec 2019

What lies Beneath

This article addresses the issue of rust and metal rooflights. Paul Trace from Stella offers an explanation as to what causes this problem and gives some sound advice on how to avoid the problem. 

This article was featured in The Architects Journal, Roofing Cladding & Installation, Professional Housebuilder, Specifier Review, Selfbuilder & Homemaker and Architects Datafile

Architectural Technology Summer 2020
Building Engineer Aug 2020

Specifying Rooflights 

In this article, Paul Trace from Stella offers some pointers on what to look out for in the rooflight specification process. 


This article was featured in Selfbuilder & Homemaker, Housebuilder & Developer and Design Buy & Build magazine.   

Design Buy Build Aug 2020
Home Designer & Architect Feb 2020

Advice on Conservation Rooflights 

Paul Trace from Stella offers some advice when it comes to choosing conservation rooflights. 


This article was featured in Professional Builder, Daylighting, Glass & Glazing Products, Construction Update, Roofing, Cladding & Insulation and Refurb Projects, and Roofing Today magazine.   

CU April21 Conservation
RCI March21 Conservation
GGP March21 Conservation
RefurbProjectsApril21 Conservation
Daylight MarchApril21 Conservation
RoofingTodayMay21 Conservation
ProBuilder June21 Conservation