Fixed or Opening...or both!

Because all of our rooflights are completely bespoke to your requirements, you can choose whether you prefer a fixed pane or an opening casement, which will provide greater ventilation for your room.  

If you are installing a large rooflight with several sections, you might even want something that is part fixed and part opening, it really is down to your individual design preference. 

Opening rooflight mechanisms

If you opt for an opening rooflight, then you can choose to have either a manually operated version, or something that is electronically actuated. Our manual rooflights include either a solid brass or silver chrome plated manual screw jack winder. Electric opening rooflights are operated via electrically operated chain drives with a variety of control options, including rain and wind sensors, wall switches or remote control handsets.    

If your rooflight is larger than 1000mm x 1300mm in either orientation then the weight and size will most likely require you to have an electrically operated option. 

Access rooflights 

Stella also offers a conservation access rooflight with gas strut assisted opening. For more information please get in touch with our team. 

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Fixed design

The Stella fixed design roof window offers our most thermally efficient solution and is an ideal choice for those that can do without ventilation.

All Stella fixed rooflights are bespoke made and offer a slim profile with the best viewable area possible. 

Fixed design rooflights can often prove a more cost effective solution than opening casements.

Skylight fixed
Dressing room skylight
High quality roof window
non opening roof window
Fixed roof light
Country house rooflight
beautiful design rooflights

Manual winder

Our manually opening rooflight design incorporates a high quality, robust solid brass or stainless steel winder.  


This option is typically recommended for roof windows up to around 1000mm (w) x 1500mm (h) or 1350mm (w) x 1100mm (h). Anything beyond these dimensions and the winder will start to have problems with the casement weight and the ability to tightly close the corners.

Manual opening rooflight.jpg
opening rooflight with winder mechanism
Stylish rooflight opening
Bespoke Skylights With Brass Winders
rooflight bathroom
rooflight winder open
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Electric opening

For larger sizes we offer a range of electric actuator options which are supported by wind, rain and temperature sensor options.


Our bespoke Stella conservation rooflights operate with a cill mounted actuator or actuators (depending on the size), designed to push the casement open.