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What differentiates a Stella Conservation Rooflight from the others and makes it the most authentic is our attention to detail and the use of natural materials.

Attention to detail

There are plenty of so called conservation rooflights available but only a handful of those are manufactured with a low profile steel frame. Of those which are, they tend to be lined internally with modern plastic trays which are either a glossy black or white finish.  It is therefore difficult for those products to make a claim on being the most authentic conservation rooflight whilst using modern plastic materials that would not have been available to the Victorians.  

Real wood Liners

By using real wood internal liners from sustainable sources, longer lasting stainless steel frames and high performance triple glazing, a Stella Conservation Rooflight not only provides an unrivalled quality of finish but also ensures a more environmentally conscious product for your project.

Satisfy Building Control 

A Stella Conservation Rooflight will help maintain and preserve the heritage of period buildings whilst meeting the requirements of both the local Conservation Officer and Building Control department. Replicating the appearance of an original Victorian cast iron roof window, Stella Rooflights do not suffer from the rusting issues, so often associated with steel frame rooflights, and by having triple glazed units and real wood internal liners they offer industry leading performance.

Let in more light

Not only does a Stella Conservation Rooflight provide significant advantages in lifespan and glazing performance but it also leads the field in glazing ratios which ensures more natural light.


It is important to understand that the amount of light that enters a property relates to the internal viewable size rather than the more general fixing or overall size of a rooflight. The common perception is that if you buy more glass that the viewing area will be bigger however, it is the internal clear viewable dimension that counts and we would always that you check what your clear viewable dimension will be when choosing your rooflight as the actual viewable glazing area varies significantly between manufacturers and can make a sizable difference to the amount of light entering the building.


Built to last with 316 stainless steel

When deciding which rooflight to use, one very important consideration should be that most steel conservation rooflights are produced using carbon/mild steel and will be protected by a wet spray or powder coat finish.  Without the protective paint coating those rooflights will rust, breakdown and eventually leak.  Whilst all suppliers are likely to offer some type of guarantee, it will only apply if you have managed to adhere to a strict set of requirements concerning the maintenance of the paint coating.


Perfect for coastal locations

In areas with high salt content such as the coast, an estuary or even a main road which is regularly salted in winter, that maintenance could be as little as every 3 months and even in more standard locations will require an annual clean and inspection. Accessing the external paintwork on rooflights can be difficult, particularly for top hung or fixed designs so if you are unable to reach yours to clean them, you are quite likely going to find that your warranty is invalid and your rusting rooflights will be your own problem to deal with.


High quality paint specification and powder coating

Our own paint guarantees will mirror those of other suppliers because the maintenance requirements are set out by paint and powder producers such as Akzo Nobel.  Whilst we ensure that the application of our paint system is of the highest standard, it will need to be maintained in accordance to location as determined by the paint producer.  Where a Stella Rooflight differs from other standard carbon steel rooflights is that the grade 316 stainless metalwork is not solely reliant on that paint to keep the frame from disintegrating. Therefore, if you are unable to look after your paint finish on a Stella Rooflight it will be a case that at some point you will need to get up there and repaint it. With other carbon steel rooflights, you will need to replace the entire rooflight, which is an expensive process and negates any cost saving at the point of purchase; particularly if your guarantee has been invalidated by a lack of paint maintenance.  



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