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The perfect finish

While the industry standard may be to cover the inside of rooflights with either cheap wood or plastic, here at Stella we understand that the internal appearance of your rooflight is as important as the external look. That's why we only ever use high quality natural real wood for our interior liners. Not only does this offer a stunning natural look finish, but also enhances their thermal performance.  

Our first choice timber for most rooflights would be American Ash because it is both a sustainable and hardwearing, however, our customers have the option to select any timber that they wish. 

Choose from a range of stunning high quality wood finishes on your bespoke designed rooflight. Our range of options include: 

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Bespoke wood liners skylight

Meet Max

Max is Stella Rooflight’s senior carpenter and joiner. Combining traditional carpentry skills with the latest modern equipment, Max takes great pride in each job, personally selecting every piece of timber to produce individually crafted liners for our bespoke rooflights and skylights.

Stella rooflight bespoke

Why do you personally select each length of timber?

Each length of timber is individually selected for its structural and aesthetic qualities. I don't want any large knots or shakes (cracks). Each commission has its own requirements and determines its own specific timber qualities. 

Why is American ash the most popular choice of timber for Stella rooflight liners?

American ash is a beautiful, natural and sustainable hardwood. It has a straight grain that is similar to Oak. It has a consistent grain pattern and colour. Ash usually has few knots and blemishes and those imperfections that are present often enhance the beauty of the wood.

bespoke rooflight frames

Will I see any knots or blemishes in my liner?

Because I personally select each plank, every effort is made to select the best timber possible. You won't find any large knots on your liner but since timber is a natural product, each liner will be unique and may have slight variations in grain pattern. There will be occasional 'blemishes' which in my opinion add to the aesthetics of a natural product.

handcrafted rooflight

 How do I care for my Stella rooflight liner after installation?

Each liner is coated with an exterior rated, water based finish that offers a flexible, durable and micro porous protective film that is resistant to bacterial, mould and UV attack.


This means that no more than a wipe with a non abrasive damp cloth should be needed. If you want to use a cleaning product, it should be acid  and bleach free.


Most wood specific cleaners will be suitable. If you have specific cleaning requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Hand made skylight

Can I paint my Stella rooflight liner at a later date?

You can paint your liner at a later date but you will have to prepare the timber first to allow the paint to adhere properly. This would involve degreasing and sanding the liner before applying a primer and topcoat.

How are the wooden frames assembled?

The wooden liners are assembled independently of the metal frames. Each corner is mitred, screwed with stainless steel screws and glued. I also use a domino biscuit that acts like a mortise and tenon joint. This belt and braces approach accounts for all the different forces that the liner may be subjected to. The wooden liners are designed not only to add to the aesthetics of your product but to the structural integrity of the frame.

Rooflight manufacturing
rooflight with hand made frame

What is the best wood to use for my internal rooflight frame? 

The most durable, commonly available wood to use, would be European Oak. It is naturally resistant to rot and has a beautiful grain pattern thanks to the medullary rays that run through the fibres. I would only use Prime and Super Prime quality Oak for the liners as it can be quite knotty. 

Stella Rooflight British made

Will the grain of the timber match on all my rooflights?

Each batch of liners is made from the same "stack" of timber. It's like selecting from the same batch of a product and thus ensuring that all the timber has come from the same source. Having said that, because this is a natural product, there may be very slight variations depending on the type of timber. The American Ash has a very consistent grain colour.